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Sappho Wine Bar: Great Live Music 13 December »

Come and celebrate the holiday season with live music and delicious cocktails in the leafy courtyard of Sappho Wine Bar. Browse the bookshop, which is also open late, for gift ideas for Christmas. Mixed Bag…

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Florilegium »

Florilegium is a plant person’s dream bookstore This specialist bookstore has Australia’s largest collection of gardening, design and growing food books. Equally mesmerising is the store itself – a Victorian wrapper holding together a beautiful…

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Glebe Library »

Not only can you borrow up to 20 books, CDs, DVDs and magazines, Glebe library also has a range of activities and special events organised throughout the year. Check the website below to see what’s…

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Gleebooks »

Before its namesake and hit television show took over the Glee brand, Sydney’s favourite bookstore was the sole provider of entertainment pleasures to Sydneysiders. This massive independently owned bookshop houses DVDs, bestsellers, literary, autobiographical, non-fiction…

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Newbold & Collins Bookbinders »

Newbold & Collins offers the finest service in book repair and restorarion and they have earned the reputation of being Australasia's premier hand-binding workshop. With a sound knowledge of book construction and repair procedures, archival…

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Phoenix Rising Books »

If you find yourself always drawn to the philosophy, meditation and self-help sections of the bookstore, you’d be happy to know that Phoenix Rising specialises in holistic books, CDs and DVDs. From yoga for kids…

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Da Capo Music Bookshop »

Love music and books? Then De Capo will seduce the living musical notes out of you. Located above Sappho Books, De Capo is a museum of over 10, 000 second-hand and antiquarian music books, scores,…

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Co-Op Bookshop »

Despite what their title says, Bay Street Medical & Professional Bookshop sells all kinds of books. Located close to the University of Notre Dame, University of Technology, Sydney and The Sydney University, this is a…

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Sappho Books, Café & Wine Bar »

Think over 30,000 second-hand books at your disposal, a sprawling courtyard surrounded by brick walls covered in graffiti and a coffee or perhaps a glass of wine and tapas to accompany your reading session. It…

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